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Beck Technology, LTD

Beck Technology began as an internal team within The Beck Group formed to develop technology to support their efforts in construction, architecture, and real estate development. As a part of The Beck Group, Beck Technology was uniquely positioned to create a new type of software tool, coined Macro BIM, which improves the way architects and contractors interact with their clients. After years of internal use, we launched our first commercial version of the program, called DProfiler™ in October 2006.

Beck Technology's mission is to revolutionize the AEC industry by fundamentally re-thinking the delivery process, resulting in order-of-magnitude improvements in value. By integrating design, engineering, construction, and development services into one organization, we are uniquely qualified to eliminate the multitude of wasteful practices created when each discipline separately optimizes for their own bottom line. As the auto manufacturing industry learned in the 1970s, followed by the aircraft manufacturing industry in the 1980s, the value gained by integrating across disciplines dwarfs any incremental gains achieved through process improvement within a discipline.

1996 Beck Technology, LTD. formed
1997 DESTINI™ is started
2000 Beck Technology acquires intellectual property rights  to Reflex from PTC
2000 Beck Technology uses DESTINI™ on SBC Pinnacle Park
2000 Beck Technology patents approved by U.S. patent office
2001 Beck Technology uses DESTINI™ on Radioshack headquarters
2002 Beck Technology adapts DESTINI™ for AT&T central offices
2003 Beck Technology creates DESTINI™ design tool
2004 Beck Technology starts development on DESTINI™ Profiler (Dprofiler™)
2005 Beck Technology launches DProfiler™ internal to Beck Group
2006 Beck Technology commercially launches DProfiler™
2008 Beck Technology launches consulting services group
2009 Beck Technology awarded GSA BIM IDIQ
2011 Beck Technology signs international reseller agreements in Brazil and Korea
2012 Beck Technology launches DProfiler™ in Brazil and Korea

2012 Constructech Vision Awards
2009 Constructech Top Product Award
2007 Editors Choice Top 100 Products