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  Awarded ‘Autodesk Platinum Club Award’ for two years in a row
  Selected as an excellent company for Corporate Social Responsibility from Ministry Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.
  Made a CMMS contract with Eagle Technology


  Awarded ‘Autodesk Platinum Club Award’
  Performed the Hanok Technical Development Research project with Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and Myongji University.


  Autodesk Value Added Reseller(PSEB/AEC/M&E)
  ADN (Autodesk Developer Network) Development Partner
  MSDN And Microsoft Certified Partner
  Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat
  Hancom, Inc Partner
  Building SMART Korea Member
  Gangwon-do Architect Association, Jeollabuk-do Architect Association, Chungcheongbuk-do Architect Association MOU Conclusion
  Awarded a commendation from Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
  Awarded a ‘one company, one farm’ prize from I Love Farm


  National database construction projects-North Korea's Nature and Anthropogeography 5th (The Institute for Peace Affairs)
  Dongbu dongjadong asterium 4D Simulation and Test of BIM Constructability
  GS Construction - NC Soft company building BIM Modeling


  National database construction projects-Korean Literary lyrics 2th (Damyang County Office)
  National database construction projects-Traditional Korean Music 2th (Chonbuk Provincial Government)
  National database construction projects-North Korea's Nature and Anthropogeography 4th (The Institute for Peace Affairs)
  Wonyang A&E - Daejeon Ssangbongdong 8 Section Facilitate redevelopment area Urban Environmental Improvement Project
  Daejeon power researcher BIM Housing Competition
  LH(Korea Land & Housing Corporation)-Paju Unjung Section BIM Housing Competition
  KEPCO - New construction design of jeju branch company building participate develop (apply BIM design)
  perform BIM design consulting of the Da-am Art Academy (MyungSeoung architecture company )
  ( korea rural community corporation ) - BIM consulting of tidal gate of the gulf of Asan sea


  National database construction projects-North Korea's Nature and Anthropogeography 3th (The Institute for Peace Affairs)
  National database construction projects-Korean Literary lyrics 1th (Damyang County Office)
  Wonyang A&E - Daejeon Unhangdong urban environment improvement project BIM Architectural design services


  KEPCO(Korean electric power corporation) - Seosan branch office Competition
  National database construction projects-North Korea's Nature and Anthropogeography 2th (The Institute for Peace Affairs)


  KEPCO(Korean electric power corporation) - Prizewinner in the Competitions of Seosan branch office (3D integration plan support)


  KCL(Korea Conformity Laboratories) - weatherproof assessment centre database construction projects
  Autodesk ASC(Authorized System Center)-AEC/MSD Part
  ABEEK -Student Portfolio Management S/W service development 2th


  KICT(Korea Institute of Construction Technology) - KOSDIC tool development for control of drawings and properties
  MOLIT(Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation) - standardization of drawing Project 2th
  ABEEK -Student Portfolio Management S/W service development 1th
  Yeoksam-dong Smartel Company Building 3D Nominated design


  experimental application of construction CALS/EC standardization of drawing and Tools Development
  contract for sole agency (commercial) - Discreet 3DS MAX
  institute of 3D architectural design Porch architecture Establishment


  World Cup organizing committee - World Cup Stadium standardization of drawing
  Korea Institute of Construction Technology - AutoCAD KOSDIC conversion program development


  CAD online education open service
  development announce that ArtView(image view/edit program) on company product


  Selection of HP Korea Excellent Cooperator.
  Selection of Autodesk Korea Best Dealers
  administrative computing network Specify Products : Line Arc, Line Mach, Sehangul , Pushman


  civil engineering exclusive program [MOSS] contract for import sole agency
  announce design drawing CD-ROM manufactured program(ViewMAN) selected by public procurement service


  Autodesk Korea Master Selected dealers


  selection of Autodesk Korea best development enterprise
  selection prospective small enterprise and selection of special case of military service enterprise (Military Manpower Administration )


  Line Arc : development of architectural design support software
  Line Mach : development of machine design support software
  Sehangul : development of CAD hangul font


  linetek system Establishment (1990. 5. 10)